Disco Ball Lighting

Image of disco ball lighting
Yellow disco dots come from the hundreds of reflections the mirror ball produces when hit by the yellow beams of light placed coming from our zoomable profile lights on each side of the room.

Disco Ball Lighting Examples

This video features some varying looks that can be produced by the disco ball. It has the capacity to create lighting effects both slow and fast, chill and upbeat.

13 mirror balls strung with greenery. The central mirror ball is motorized and measures 24″ in diameter. The surrounding ones are static and measure 8″, 10″, and 12″ in diameter.

The disco ball effects are best when used in tandem with other lighting effects. In the examples above you can see the effects in tandem with uplighting and intelligent bistro lighting (color-changing Edison-bulb string lights). Other packages could include added moving lights (wash or profile), strobe lights, and/or haze/fog machines as seen below.

Disco Ball Lighting with Haze

Haze will take the disco ball lighting at your event to the next level. If added to your lighting package, haze or fog will create translucency in the air that shows the beam of each disco dot as seen above.
Disco balls are THE symbol of the dance floor. Don’t take our word for it, Google it!