Glowing Centerpieces

In addition to lighting floral centerpieces with pin spots, we 3D print centerpieces with translucent filament which causes your desired centerpiece to glow with light when an uplight is placed underneath it. The object makes the beam of light that’s shooting “up” from the uplight diffuse into all directions, creating a soft glow on your table, or desired area.

Since the beam coming from the uplight is cylindrical, it’s best that the centerpiece is somewhat cylindrical. This diffuses the light most effectively since more inside surfaces of the object will absorb and transmit the light to the outside surfaces of the object. However, your centerpiece doesn’t have to be totally cylindrical. The important thing is to make as much of the surface of your object glow as possible. We were able to achieve this with The Winged Victory of Samothrace seen above. We will consult with you to ensure that your centerpiece will glow goodly.

White rectangles show traditional uplight beams in a room filled with mostly diffused lights.

Centerpiece Color Options

This video shows color options of light for making your centerpiece glow

Not only can you select the color used to light your table, but this color can change and flash to the music when the dancing period starts. The object becomes a part of our light show and encourages people to get off their butts and head to the dance floor!

Custom Centerpiece Sizes

100%, 80%, and 66% scaled lighthouses

The nice thing about 3D printing is that we can customize the size of the object to fit your needs. Want the object to be large? No problem, our 3D printers can print at a height up to 16 inches. Want the centerpiece to play a more subtle role? Scale it down as much as you need to, the choice is yours!

Our glowing centerpieces are great, but consider adding them to a package like our intelligent bistro lights, which you can see working in tandem with our glowing centerpieces by clicking here.