Wedding Lighting

Tell Your Wedding Story with Lighting Cues

Lighting cues are typically thought of as something that a director comes up with and then inserts into the stage directions of a theatrical play. These cues highlight actors, features of the set, and props, among other elements of the performance. However, lighting cues aren’t limited to the theatre or even concert performances. This post will cover some unique ways to draw attention to each scene of your wedding story using intelligent lighting design techniques.

A theatrical lighting designer creates cues that are appropriate for the scenes in a play or musical. As event lighting designers, we will create cues that position the right amount light around your venue space to draw attention to the most important moments of your wedding. Examples include the exchange of vows, entrance, first dance, speeches, and cake-cutting. When these fixtures aren’t highlighting these scenes, they can be providing an even wash of light around your entire venue space or light up your band or entertainment.

How is it done?

MagicQ PC Wing
Our Lighting Console, the MagicQ PC Wing

We use a device called a lighting console to make sure the light is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. The console allows us to point our lighting fixtures in different directions and program them into what’s known as a “playback”. We pre-program the position and beam angle of the light as well as any color/shades that you desire for the various scenes of your wedding into each playback.

When the time comes for the cue, we simply hit the play button on the console and the light is now directed where it needs to be whether that’s you and your fiancee entering your reception, having your first dance, or cutting the cake.