Uplights shoot beams of light up columns, walls, or drape to add ambiance to a space. They can also be used to highlight signs or posters or to make the vases (or one of our centerpieces) of your floral arrangements glow.

We use high-end intelligent uplights which offer over a dozen preset color options and billions of color options through our lighting console.

9 of the 14 preset color options provided by our uplights (MFA, Boston)

These uplights also come with six special effect modes that are fantastic for use in tandem with a dance floor. Not only that, but every color and special effect mode has several sound-activated programs! Check out the video below to see some of what our intelligent uplights can do.

Out intelligent uplights can be programmed by one of our technicians to provide the energy that your event requires. Some of our customers prefer simple color changes from song to song, while others prefer the more eye-catching lighting effects seen in the video.